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Aboriginal Student Engagement and Achievement: Educational Practices and Cultural Sustainability

By Lorenzo Cherubini, Ed.D. (2014). UBC Press. ISBN: 978-0-7748-2655-6

Aboriginal people want an education that reflects their cultural values and linguistic heritages, an education that will foster their children’s engagement and identity and not marginalize them as learners. This book turns the spotlight on a rare success story – one Ontario high school’s attempt to recognize Aboriginal students’ cultural and academic needs while helping them build relationships with non-Aboriginal students. Aboriginal students constitute one of the fastest-growing groups in public schools. This timely study not only reveals how the current system is failing Indigenous students – it offers recommendations for enhancing their achievement levels in Canada and abroad.

A refreshing and insightful book. Most of what is published in the field of Aboriginal education focuses on historical, political, and narrative issues. Not enough has been written about in-school and in-class interventions. Cherubini offers us an unprecedented study of how policy manifests itself in practice, introducing us to students and staff directly involved in creating change.
Frank Deer, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba

This book shows that Aboriginal culture can peacefully coexist within a mainstream school system and, more importantly, that sustained attention to Aboriginal culture and identity can advance Aboriginal students’ academic success and, fundamentally, their feeling of belonging in education.
Teresa Strong-Wilson, author of Bringing Memory Forward: Storied Remembrance in Social Justice Education with Teachers


- Review by Nathalie Kauffeldt (2015), A review of Aboriginal student engagement and achievement. In Public Sector Management, 26(3), 33-34.


Kaufeldt is a policy analyst with the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

- Review by G. Lindstrom (2017). University of Calgary. In Emerging Perspectives, 1,(1), 31-33.



Case-Study Inquiry Seminars: A Research-to-Practice Model (2nd Edition)

By Lorenzo Cherubini (2017). ISBN: 978-1-894935-97-5

The Second Edition of Case-Study Inquiry Seminars: A Research-to-Practice Model includes a unique inquiry model that presents opportunities for students to cross-examine aspects of teaching, learning, research, and practice. In the process, students can juxtapose their previous experiences with new constructions of knowledge discussed by professors, textbooks, practice, and research. The case studies in the context of the inquiry seminar model are instrumental in fostering prospective teachers’ critical and reflective thinking.

The inquiry model presented in this book embodies an approach to teacher education, and more specifically to prospective teacher education, that is reflective of student participation and responsiveness. The inquiry model endorses a view of teacher education that equips students to make a meaningful contribution to the evolving and dynamic socio-educational needs of students, teachers, and communities. The uniqueness of the inquiry seminar model presented in the Second Edition of Case-Study Inquiry Seminars: A Research-to-Practice Model rests in part in the contextually relevant problem-solving exercises wherein prospective teachers exercise their autonomous and collaborative capacities as active agents of their own learning.



Situating Thinking and Reflection: Studying Teaching and Learning

By Lorenzo Cherubini (2017). ISBN: 978-894935-98-2

Situating Thinking and Reflection: Studying Teaching and Learning addresses the gap in the research literature – the perspectives and perceptions of undergraduate students in concurrent education programs. The book is instrumental in facilitating prospective teachers’ understanding of their educational biographies, experiences, and socio-political realities in the broader view of other contextual circumstances. It explores how prospective teachers’ learning processes, driven within the constructs of theory, are interrogated and interpreted.

The learned observations shared throughout the book are valued for their ability to shape the landscape of how prospective teachers think about the way they think, perceive their underlying needs, are disenchanted by socio-political implications, govern their practice and, in the end, effect change.


That Space Which is Thinking: Prospective Teacher Identity

By Lorenzo Cherubini, Ed.D. (2013). ISBN: 978-1-894935-73-9

This book, That Space Which Is Thinking: Prospective Teacher Identity, alludes to the fact that undergraduate students studying to become teachers are more reflective about their previously uncontested opinions, the underlying theories related to teaching and learning, and the sometimes competing voices of their peers as they engage in case study. By offering students a trusted forum in which to share, reflect, and reanalyze case-based dilemmas, they arrive at a more sophisticated appreciation of the intervening variables that contribute to the complexity of being a professional educator. The book, therefore, addresses the specific gap in the research literature; namely, the perspectives and perceptions of undergraduate students in concurrent education programs!


Case-Study Inquiry Seminars: A Research to Practice Model

By Lorenzo Cherubini, Ed.D. (2013). ISBN: 978-1-894935-71-5

There is an appealing and decadent element to the study of cases as a springboard to critical reflection and deep appreciation related to educational philosophy and the practice of teaching. The study of cases requires creative thinking and interaction amongst peers and, as explained subsequently in Case-Study Inquiry Seminars: A Research-to-Practice Model, amongst colleagues, professional educators, other professionals, and scholars. Too often, information is presented readily to prospective teachers that situate them as passive learners. In the unique inquiry seminar model presented in this book, prospective teachers’ learning is very active and the voices and experiences that they bring to teacher education programs are certainly not neglected. An intriguing appeal of case studies in an inquiry seminar model such as the one presented here is the opportunity it affords to cross-examine all aspects of teaching, learning, research, and practice. The case studies require participants to think reflectively about anticipated and unanticipated consequences associated with their prospective professional roles.

Projecting Self and Actualizing Teaching: Prospective Teacher Consciousness

By Lorenzo Cherubini, Ed.D. (2011). ISBN: 978-1894935586

The opportunity for prospective teachers to engage in a systematic and unique approach to case-based inquiry has shed light on the emerging perceptions and inherent thought processes that are involved in their making sense of school-based dilemmas. The case-based pedagogy discussed in Projecting Self and Actualizing Teaching: Prospective Teacher Consciousness is a dynamic way to study how undergraduate students deconstructed case circumstances, considered competing perspectives, and even offered personal rationales for their decisions. As the study unfolded, a unique grounded theory emerged. Hence, Projecting Self and Actualizing Teaching: Prospective Teacher Consciousness aims to inform and motivate teacher educators, new teachers, policy makers, and those privileged students studying in teacher education programs to examine their own perspectives and paradigms as they consider the voices of the study participants who were kind enough to share their perceptions and thoughts.

Teaching, Learning and Schooling: A Reflective Engagement

Edited by Lorenzo Cherubini, Ed.D. (2010).

This text is intended to engage prospective teachers into rich reflections of what it means to teach and learn. It invites prospective teachers to embrace an approach to education in full view of the professional, epistemic, and moral obligations associated to being a teacher.

The text serves as a complimentary reading to courses of study that explore the multifaceted relationships between epistemology and teachers’ practice. It introduces the reader to historical, philosophical and critical frameworks for analyzing contemporary teaching and learning practices and encourages them to reflect upon your values, beliefs, and assumptions.


Contextualizing Pedagogical Practice: A Critical Awareness

Edited by Lorenzo Cherubini, Ed.D. (2008)

Within the framework of this introductory text lie the fundamental tactics, aptitudes, and attitudes that constitute a repertoire of professional competencies for prospective teachers. Its primary audience is those who have made an engaged commitment to the process of becoming professional educators.

The compilations of these content-specific chapters serve as critical entry points for understanding the often unfamiliar exchange between theory and practice. The respective points of view offer an enchanting balance of concrete core knowledge and abstract considerations of eventualities inherent in the profession. The text’s contextual applicability complements a conceptual lens that demands from the undergraduate reader a critical and active state of mind._________See Professor Cherubini's other book publications as


Re-searching the Historical Present: Implications on Aboriginal Education, Policy and Schools.

By Lorenzo Cherubini, Ed.D. (2012). Saarbruken, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN 978-3-8473-4592-3

The common belief that resonates throughout Re-searching the Historical Present: Implications on Aboriginal Education, Policy and Schools is that the future marker of success for the current and subsequent generations of Aboriginal learners rests squarely in education. As Professor Celia Haig-Brown describes in the Foreword, "This important monograph arises out of hope, focusing on moves being made on several fronts, in the name of Aboriginal education. It demonstrates the impacts that research, policy and practice can have on classrooms and teachers and on the central figure in all of this business of education: the children or what some see as the future of this country. It demonstrates the impact of research in Aboriginal contexts on all who participate as a challenging and provocative site of learning." The individual projects discussed in the chapters of this book have sought to discover, among other things, how Aboriginal Peoples have determined the effect of their education. The book focuses on a host of topics that belong to a much larger and grander discourse. Re-searching the Historical Present: Implications on Aboriginal Education, Policy and Schools encourages scholars, educators, policy makers and others to xamine the impact of re-search as a multi-dimensional variable that implicates upon cognition, emotion and spirit.

Standardized Assessment and Classroom Evaluation: A Comprehensive Examination.

By Lorenzo Cherubini, Ed.D. (2012) Saarbruken, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN 978-3-8473-4650-0

The implementation of uniform assessments in publicly-funded elementary and secondary schools remains a reality for students in Ontario, Canada. External assessments, among other mandates, is a means of public accountability for tax-payers’ investment in education.
Standardized Assessment and Classroom Evaluation: A Comprehensive Examination discusses both the benefits and limitations of imposing standardized external assessments on students and teachers. In this context, over 600 grade nine students’ scores on a standardized provincial assessment of language and comprehension were correlated with their final marks in grade nine English. With a substantial amount of provincial funding invested in external assessments, it was worthwhile to distinguish if the test results were reflective of students' classroom performance. Such data is beneficial to all educational stakeholders, particularly as educational reforms are often associated directly to measures of accountability, and in some provinces and states, to standards-based outcomes and testing.

The Study of Identity as a Concept and Social Construct in Behavioral and Social Science Research: Interdisciplinary and Global Perspectives.

By Lorenzo Cherubini, Ed.D. (2010) Lewiston, New York: Mellen Press. ISBN-13: 978-0-7734-1452-5 & ISBN-10:0-7734-1452-5

The collection of edited chapters examines identity as a fluid, symbiotic, complex, and developmental concept. Each of the contributing authors was challenged to consider how they, as behavioral and social scientists, understand the conception of identity and how it influences them and the world in which they interact. In turn, the selected scholars shared their unique insights related to the implications of identity on people, behavior, policy, practice, and norms. In the process, each chapter represents a fundamental shift of focus that remains centered upon the book’s overarching investigation. In this context there is a varying emphasis on adaptive behaviors, socially mediated actions, socioeconomic assumptions, personal narratives, and sociocultural constructs that constitute understandings of identity, including author's respective implications on experience. Borrowing from the language of bell hooks (1994), the chapters transgress the borders of classrooms, cultures, countries, and continents in order to engage the reader in a consideration of identity as it enters this discourse of scholarship. Regardless of locale and common to all of the contributions in this book is the fact that the human condition is in fact powerfully influenced by sociopolitical circumstances, racial divisions, class stratification and issues related to gender. Within these rest the vibrant and vigorous conceptual intersections that have an effect on each of our consciousness and sense of identity (Steinberg, 2001).

An Ideology of Crisis and Identity: Learning about 'Life under the Rocks of the Tide Pool.'

By Lorenzo Cherubini, Ed.D. (2011) Saarbruken, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN: 978-3-8443-9168-8.

The book, An Ideology of Crisis and Identity: Learning about ‘Life under the Rocks of the Tide Pool’, includes three chapters with the focus in each section on one specific aspect of the ideology of naturalism and how it applies to the texts under examination.

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